About us

The evolution of elegance

The quality of handmade, the unmistakable details of Made in Italy craftsmanship, the simplicity of a sophisticated design.
Our products are created with simple lines that evoke freshness and modernity from the very first glance.

What inspires us

There is luxury in both craftsmanship and innovation, and we love to draw on both.
We want to pass on the appeal of history without nostalgia, but revealing the teachings of the masters of the past even in the smallest details.
Just caress a Henderson Baracco shoe to perceive its authentic character, the skilful gestures of those who made it inspired by your needs and expectations.

The Henderson Baracco World

The Henderson Baracco World

Our shoe factory is a world in which past and future intersect, creating a scenario that’s one of a kind.
Every morning the lights come on in an airy workshop filled with sounds, scents and skilful gestures.
This is where shoes and leather accessories are created with meticulous attention to detail. Everything is based on an on-going study of construction methods that encompass craftsmanship and innovation.
We collaborate, we compare; each person at Henderson Baracco is part of a whole working as a team. Together we select new materials for the structure and finishes, together we search for new shapes to amaze, and together we create designs that combine comfort and beauty.

The story begins

Almost a century full of events without which we would not be who we are today.
Henderson Baracco shoes also owe their characteristics to the passage of time.
Decades of experience, days of manufacturing, hours of research and innovation.

The story begins
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